Jill Orlov

Studio 9

Jill Orlov creates iconic spaces in miniature while evoking nostalgia with a modern twist. As an architecture student, she had a sense of wonderment when approaching found, discarded, even broken objects. Always a collector of artifacts (otherwise known as a pack-rat), she could not even pass up a pile of broken glass left from a car window, imagining the new life she could give to the sparkling, crystal-like fragments.

She has two degrees in architecture and worked in the field for over two decades. After taking a welding class at a nearby art school, her first projects reignited her love of transforming found objects. But once an architect, always an architect and her model building skills infiltrated her new metal working passion with her love of all things re-imagined and small. As a sculptor of miniatures, Jill now designs vignettes portraying life-sized objects and spaces and has garnered national recognition and media exposure.