Ashley Kidner


Ashley Kidner is a Baltimore based environmental artist. Kidner works mainly with stone, wood, native plants and water, often making use of natural materials found on site. The installations that Kidner creates and documents deal with issues such as climate change, habitat lose and most recently the demise of pollinators. Pollination has become a key factor in most of Kidner's recent work, drawing attention to the demise of bees in Maryland (especially native bees).

Kidner was born in Norfolk, England and grew up on a farm in the hamlet of Thwaite St. Mary, also in Norfolk. Kidner studied and worked in Geology while living in London for 8 Years. While on field trips and traveling Kidner became fascinated by the prehistoric art found throughout the British Isles, especially the stone circles unique to that part of the world. These ancient structures have had a huge influence on his work, with stone often playing a central role in his art. Since moving to America in 1987 Kidner has worked in the landscape industry and runs his own Landscape company (ILD) working mainly in Stone, native plants, rain gardens, water gardens and hugelkulture.